FemilyFe (lix) & (E) mily

That’s us … with our two Kids

We are on a journey with god.

We have many contacts in different countries, so that’s the format we choose to keep you all updated, what we do, think and experience!

It may takes a while until you’d read something new from us here because to run a family also is a business, kind of.

As a person who runs a small webdesign business I'd really like you to quickly notify me if you face some difficulties accessing our blogposts or other contents here on the website.
Felix & Emily with Amy-Maranatha and Eliana Grace

At our Blog-Side you find the latest posts of all kinds but we also created a few categories for the ones who may only be interested in our family stuff or pictures.

So now, have some fun looking at some pictures, writing nice whatsapps or emails or reading through some thoughts or experiences we made.

We love you all with the love he loved us first with.

Sources and ministrys

Here we list a few sources and ministrys that we are either part of or that have blessed us a lot so that we want to encourage you to check it out and get inspired by it, too.