This morning we visited a sunday church service in an International Church. It was interesting to see that all around the western world we have the same way of ‘celebrating’ a ‘service’ for god. To us it confirmed that it’s really effective to meet in a small group for 1-2 hours and read much in the bible and share about what the spirit highlights in comparison to a normal church service where people consume the message, the worship, and a little small-talk-coffee only and go home. People need to be cut through their hearts.

I urge you: meet personally, train people to pray, to seek god and to read in the word for their relationship with god and let them be part of your life and let them have a look deeply in your life. That’s how you make disciples effectively and you can easily see the difference if someone wants to really follow jesus and be transformed into the image of christ in holiness or if he only wants to have a cozy nice fellowship place to enjoy life together in friendships and consuming without any commitment.

And if you don’t have someone who want to learn from you, search someone you can learn from and learn to explain the gospel and to find a person of peace who maybe likes you to train him/her. Either in or outside the church you may visit. And don’t get me wrong: I’m not condemning the church meetings. It’s just about starting to think what is really the best for the kingdom of god. What is on God’s heart? Is it nice meetings, great services with good worship music that’s just right for people to feel good in? We believe it is much more important today to see hearts really be transformed and made steadfast and firm for the future to come because it will not become easier. And this heart transformation happens in its deepest possible way eye-in-eye. Where we sit and we look at ourselves, see where we stand right now and what god want to challenge us in right now. What’s our next step of obediance and our next idol to face and to throw out of our lifes because our brothers and sisters have revealed it in our life. If you can’t leave your traditional meetings, then do it additional to that. If you don’t have time, think about if you can throw your not-so-effective church meetings out of your life and instead learn to be and train other disciples to have a healthy relationship with God.

We love you with the love of Christ!