Driving School. Truck class CE

since god had put on our hearts to take a longer parenting time which means a timeout from my work for around 1,5 – 2 years and travel around with our small family to seek were god wants us to meet people and stay and make disciples, it included the fact that we may will leave our current apartment and stay in a caravan trailer for a period of time.

That causes me to have an extended license for trailer driving. So I went to our local driving school and checked some costs. It was so high, that I also asked for costs of driving not only with a trailer but a small truck (7,5t) and also a big truck (40t) including trailer.

It turned out that it would be best for me to do the All in One Package and so I was hitting the school bench since this summer and made my theoretical test for the big truck and big truck + trailer (C + CE) last week.

This week I’ll be doing the practical driving test for the truck. I’m looking forward to the feeling of being able to drive any car or truck what ever size it may has 😀

and all of this only for driving with a caravan trailer.

no not only… I also could serve at the fire department with driving their trucks and being better skilled when i would need to get a job later on where I would be needed to drive trucks as well. All in all I just love the fact that I have the possibility to do that license and I’m curious where god uses it for later on in our lifes 🙂

my driving school truck

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