Corona vibes and the End of the World

Hey folks,

in this Corona Time, really crazy things happen. Of course you need to open your eyes to see it, as for all spiritual events that happen. Not in vain Jesus said often times to listen and observe carefully what he says and what happens in the world around us at the time we are living in.

We find it really mindful that even unbelievers speak up in social media seeing a global government with a global currency rising up out of a corona crisis that more and more turns out to be made up, or at least to be extremely pushed or manipulated towards creating fear and borders and crisis among the citizens of the earth. And then the next confirming point in the line is that the social media platforms delete these videos straight saying its content was against community guidelines.

Here is just one of a few videos that are really not conspiracy but just observed and summarized truth for the nowadays events…

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