Luke 10 Trip to Greece

For all of you who haven’t been speaking to me recently, Emily and myself are with Kristina together doing a Luke 10 Trip to Greece. We felt god speaking that we should go, so we bought a 20 euros one-way ticket to athens. Our destination would be Lesbos, the Island where the biggest refugee Camp Moria is located on. Here 22000 Refugees, especially from the middle east are held on, like on a prison island in very bad conditions. By know we already reached the Island, but before we experienced a really great appointment and a extremely loving and caring stay of one week at our new friends house in athens. We didn’t know each other but by God’s connecting ability we met and fell in brother-love with each other and we will now be hosting a kickstart seminar in his city.
Right now we prepare for the kickstart while doing outreach almost daily to the captives of the moria camp. We saw amazing things yet. People getting healed of pain, feeling depression leaving them, feeling touched by gods love as we prayed for them and people wanting to learn about the gospel and becoming believers in Jesus. It is great to be here and to see the opportunities god opens for us. Hallelujah!
Please pray for us and as you maybe get prophetic impressions for us, please write me on whatsapp. Pray for protection and for open hearts, as we meet people highly influenced by the islamic spirit. 

God bless you all :*

The. Team.


Hey Guys,

We decided to start this blog because we know that we need to learn to hold contact with friends even over long distances and long periods of time of non personal contact.  We need to get better in keeping you informed where we are and what we are doing and when because we feel really sad about scrolling through our whatsapp chats recognizing how long we’ve not been answering many of our friends but also not knowing where to start explaning about our situation.

We love you with the love of Christ!