Corona vibes and the End of the World

Hey folks,

in this Corona Time, really crazy things happen. Of course you need to open your eyes to see it, as for all spiritual events that happen. Not in vain Jesus said often times to listen and observe carefully what he says and what happens in the world around us at the time we are living in.

We find it really mindful that even unbelievers speak up in social media seeing a global government with a global currency rising up out of a corona crisis that more and more turns out to be made up, or at least to be extremely pushed or manipulated towards creating fear and borders and crisis among the citizens of the earth. And then the next confirming point in the line is that the social media platforms delete these videos straight saying its content was against community guidelines.

Here is just one of a few videos that are really not conspiracy but just observed and summarized truth for the nowadays events…

Sunday service in Athens

This morning we visited a sunday church service in an International Church. It was interesting to see that all around the western world we have the same way of ‘celebrating’ a ‘service’ for god. To us it confirmed that it’s really effective to meet in a small group for 1-2 hours and read much in the bible and share about what the spirit highlights in comparison to a normal church service where people consume the message, the worship, and a little small-talk-coffee only and go home. People need to be cut through their hearts.

I urge you: meet personally, train people to pray, to seek god and to read in the word for their relationship with god and let them be part of your life and let them have a look deeply in your life. That’s how you make disciples effectively and you can easily see the difference if someone wants to really follow jesus and be transformed into the image of christ in holiness or if he only wants to have a cozy nice fellowship place to enjoy life together in friendships and consuming without any commitment.

And if you don’t have someone who want to learn from you, search someone you can learn from and learn to explain the gospel and to find a person of peace who maybe likes you to train him/her. Either in or outside the church you may visit. And don’t get me wrong: I’m not condemning the church meetings. It’s just about starting to think what is really the best for the kingdom of god. What is on God’s heart? Is it nice meetings, great services with good worship music that’s just right for people to feel good in? We believe it is much more important today to see hearts really be transformed and made steadfast and firm for the future to come because it will not become easier. And this heart transformation happens in its deepest possible way eye-in-eye. Where we sit and we look at ourselves, see where we stand right now and what god want to challenge us in right now. What’s our next step of obediance and our next idol to face and to throw out of our lifes because our brothers and sisters have revealed it in our life. If you can’t leave your traditional meetings, then do it additional to that. If you don’t have time, think about if you can throw your not-so-effective church meetings out of your life and instead learn to be and train other disciples to have a healthy relationship with God.

We love you with the love of Christ!

Lesbos and Athens

Hello friend’s and family, The last weeks have been really challenging and tough but as well really providing growth in character and acting on our spiritual responsibility. We three, Kristina, Emily and Felix, lived together for the last five weeks at least. It’s revealing a lot of things if you choose to stay close together with brothers and sisters and you grow a lot in understanding the differences of humans and in communication. There are a lot of challenges on our way to be the bride of christ in perfection but with his guidance and our full surrender he is able to bring us forth!

Us and Afganee friends from the moria slum, we invited to our small room to share the gospel and eat.

In the refugee camp moria on the island of lesbos we’ve had really good times praying for many people with various issues, seeing many beeing healed right away. I remember one guy when I asked him for pain searching someone who could translate from english to farsi for him. He and the translator and friends around were not so sure what happens now but agreed on us praying for his leg that had pain since a car accident more than a year ago. I just prayed once really short for healing in his upper leg and his reaction was sooo enjoyable. He shouted out for joy, jumped and pulled out his refugee papers for me to pray for his permission to get EU papers. He didn’t have any pain anymore. And the healing increased his faith in my prayers to jesus.
We could explain a little about jesus but not much, because the language barrier. However many experienced healings in the name NOT of isa (jesus) the prophet of allah, BUT isa masih (Jesus the Christ) the son of God. Many people knew our faces already and named us doctors since so many people got healed.

Girl that brought us to a tent with a crippeled boy (by bomb attack) to pray for after she saw healing. Unfortunately we didn’t see a leg and an arm growing out yet, but the time will come where we will and it will be awesome.

Our life on the island was getting up, taking communion, cooking together, spending time in praying, intercession, reading in the bible together and then reaching out, searching for persons of peace who would be open to hear the gospel of the kingdom of god and the name jesus christ. We prayed for people, found translators, told them that the holy spirit lives in us to heal and deliver others and that they can have the same experience when they decide to follow jesus and be born again through repentance, water and holy spirit (see Acts 2,38).

Another cool thing was, that we spontaneously made a kickstart weekend where our dad from germany came, and we experienced that people understood the gospel and started to go out on the street to preach the gospel with demonstrations of healing and deliverance.

Few days ago we met a guy, Kristina and a friend prayed for at a homeless guys park few days before, and he shared under tears that from this moment of prayer and deliverance he was set free from over 18 years of heroin addiction and he finally felt no need to consume again. He wants to follow jesus but is still in a fight because satan wants to steal, kill and destroy.

A second time of deliverance.

Another woman got baptized by her husband after listening to gods word about beeing born again. It’s so beautiful what god does!
Additional to that we got approached by a girl that also follows jesus and liked that we were out to preach the gospel to people. After a few meetings with her, she felt to bless us and transfered 600$ to us.
God really provides and we don’t lack anything when we give ourselves away for him. On March 11th our flight back home is departing. We’re looking foreward to see how God arranges the last things here in athens for us and how our journey in germany continues.

Love you all :*

Kickstart in Athens

Hey Family!
We will be hodting a Kickstart Seminar in Athens, Greece, where as far as we know never has been one yet in the whole country. We are amazed to know our good friend Jacob whom we met through a really divine situation. A chain reaction of bitterness, prayer, tiredness, obediance and willingness to serve and to learn. We stayed for a week with him and his family and he was glad to offer and plan with us together to have a kickstart at their city.
It will be from the 21. to the 23rd of March.

For all who feel connected to us: please pray for us or come along as well 🙂

Luke 10 Trip to Greece

For all of you who haven’t been speaking to me recently, Emily and myself are with Kristina together doing a Luke 10 Trip to Greece. We felt god speaking that we should go, so we bought a 20 euros one-way ticket to athens. Our destination would be Lesbos, the Island where the biggest refugee Camp Moria is located on. Here 22000 Refugees, especially from the middle east are held on, like on a prison island in very bad conditions. By know we already reached the Island, but before we experienced a really great appointment and a extremely loving and caring stay of one week at our new friends house in athens. We didn’t know each other but by God’s connecting ability we met and fell in brother-love with each other and we will now be hosting a kickstart seminar in his city.
Right now we prepare for the kickstart while doing outreach almost daily to the captives of the moria camp. We saw amazing things yet. People getting healed of pain, feeling depression leaving them, feeling touched by gods love as we prayed for them and people wanting to learn about the gospel and becoming believers in Jesus. It is great to be here and to see the opportunities god opens for us. Hallelujah!
Please pray for us and as you maybe get prophetic impressions for us, please write me on whatsapp. Pray for protection and for open hearts, as we meet people highly influenced by the islamic spirit. 

God bless you all :*

The. Team.


Hey Guys,

We decided to start this blog because we know that we need to learn to hold contact with friends even over long distances and long periods of time of non personal contact.  We need to get better in keeping you informed where we are and what we are doing and when because we feel really sad about scrolling through our whatsapp chats recognizing how long we’ve not been answering many of our friends but also not knowing where to start explaning about our situation.

We love you with the love of Christ!